zberg02: hey man
ThinkComp: hi
zberg02: i was just wondering where you're working after college
ThinkComp: i'm working for myself
zberg02: sorry that it's kind of out of the blue
zberg02: awesome
zberg02: you pulled it off
zberg02: sweet
ThinkComp: well, not really
ThinkComp: i hope i will pull it off :-)
ThinkComp: right now i'm too dead tired to do much of anything
ThinkComp: heh
zberg02: eh no hope
zberg02: you'll do fine
zberg02: there are only like six people in the world who have decent ideas
ThinkComp: haha
zberg02: and it's the job of the rest of the people to accuse us of taking their ideas haha
zberg02: while we just continually kick ass
ThinkComp: :-)
zberg02: ho dude
zberg02: you know doug sherrets?
zberg02: haha
ThinkComp: he emailed me out of the blue.
ThinkComp: then he wanted to be my friend
ThinkComp: you know how it goes.
zberg02: haha yea
zberg02: he like made an exact replica of thefacebook
zberg02: it's so ghetto
ThinkComp: really
ThinkComp: that's interesting.
ThinkComp: heh
zberg02: he called it facebook
ThinkComp: yet another "young entrepreneur." [sigh]
zberg02: haha seriously
zberg02: there's only six
zberg02: i'm telling you
zberg02: i still need to meet the other three though
ThinkComp: do you have names in mind
zberg02: well i'd like to think i'm okay
zberg02: you're good
zberg02: there's this kid out in caltech who's sick
zberg02: and that's like it for people in college right now
ThinkComp: what's the caltech kid's name
zberg02: adam dangelo
zberg02: he taught me most of what i know haha
zberg02: for every good thing i make he has like six
ThinkComp: cool
zberg02: i know a lot of kids who should be good though
zberg02: and they just don't cut it
zberg02: maybe it's a maturity thing
ThinkComp: http://www.thinkcomputer.com/corporate/news/enronfor kids.pdf
zberg02: like none of the 50 or so people i met while down at huntsman seemed interesting
ThinkComp: what's huntsman
zberg02: it's this prestigious upenn international business program
ThinkComp: cool
zberg02: who wrote that article?
ThinkComp: i did
ThinkComp: it's not directly related
ThinkComp: but it's the same phenomenon.
zberg02: oh for what?
ThinkComp: for venting purposes.
zberg02: haha i hear that
zberg02: i usually keep those secret
ThinkComp: and i dont think having white papers on relevant topics is bad.
zberg02: and then my computer crashes and i lose them
zberg02: yea no it's definitely
zberg02: good
zberg02: for shpw
zberg02: you use mozilla?
ThinkComp: yep.
ThinkComp: shpw?
zberg02: show
ThinkComp: oh sorry :-)
zberg02: i can tell because thinkcomputer.com gives a javascript syntax error under ie haha
ThinkComp: yeah, that's on my todo list of things to clean up.
ThinkComp: i know where it is.
ThinkComp: just haven't had two seconds to look at it.
ThinkComp: ok must eat
ThinkComp: ttyl
zberg02 is away at 8:27:47 PM.