ThinkComp: you there?
ThinkComp: allo...
zberg02: hey what's up
ThinkComp: hi, you IMed earlier?
zberg02: oh i was going to ask something but i forgot what
zberg02: oh i remember
zberg02: how do you get on newstalk?
ThinkComp: no idea
ThinkComp: i'm not on it
ThinkComp: you have to be a crimson staffmember
zberg02: oh okay
zberg02: so you have to fake comp
zberg02: haha
ThinkComp: i guess
ThinkComp: you think they're talking about you?
ThinkComp: :-)
zberg02: apparently the winklevoss twins are spreading that i took the idea for thefacebook from them
zberg02: as if there was an idea haha
zberg02: well apparently there was supposed to be an article on it today
zberg02: and there is none
zberg02: so i can't tell if that's good or bad
ThinkComp: winklevoss?
ThinkComp: who the hell is that
zberg02: the people who made connectu
ThinkComp: i see
ThinkComp: they took a fair bit from housesystem too it seems.
ThinkComp: whatever.
zberg02: yea but they blame me for stealing stuff because i helped them for like a month
zberg02: but then i got bored and quit
ThinkComp: when was this
zberg02: in november
ThinkComp: aha
ThinkComp: that would make sense then
ThinkComp: they wrote about you on their about page
ThinkComp: without mentioning you
zberg02: yea but their site used to be purely a dating site
zberg02: and then they included so much from other social networking sites
zberg02: and claimed i stole that from them
zberg02: like the notion of friends
zberg02: choosing courses that you're taking
zberg02: being at multiple schools
zberg02: they even took poke haha
ThinkComp: yeah, i saw that.
ThinkComp: the joys of intellectual property.
zberg02: well it isn't really anyone's
zberg02: i don't care that they took it
zberg02: but they shouldn't say i took it from them haha
ThinkComp: oh, it's someone's.
ThinkComp: but trying to figure out whose at this point is pretty much a lost cause
ThinkComp: one thing about social networking sites
ThinkComp: is that they spread virally
ThinkComp: not just their members
ThinkComp: the sites themselves.
zberg02: haha yea
zberg02: well it was sixdegrees'
ThinkComp: i remember them back in 1997
ThinkComp: but i'm sure someone thought of it before them even
zberg02: yea true
zberg02: oh well
zberg02: there are no school newspapers and ad boards after you graduate :-)
zberg02: only the new york times and federal courts haha
zberg02: but i feel like those are at least more fair
zberg02: or maybe it's like the godfather, where the further up you go, the more corrupt it is