ThinkComp: so i'm curious
ThinkComp: how are you paying people real well for it
zberg02: hey
ThinkComp: hi
zberg02: so we're getting ads
zberg02: and since we get 3 million hits a day
zberg02: we can pay people well
ThinkComp: cool
zberg02: and then once we have enough money we just take down the ads
ThinkComp: hmm, i don't know about that.
ThinkComp: beware the ad companies.
zberg02: haha how so?
ThinkComp: they have contracts
ThinkComp: and they will not be in your favor
zberg02: well yea
zberg02: we're doing premium google ads for example
ThinkComp: oh that's good
ThinkComp: google is good
zberg02: you know how you can arrange a cpm rate if you have over 15 million a month
zberg02: but yea conventional ad companies are sketchy
ThinkComp: indeed they are.
ThinkComp: fair enough, i was just wondering
zberg02: anyhow...i haven't decided what real well is yet haha
ThinkComp: sounds cool :-)
zberg02: but probably like 8k
zberg02: i think that qualifies as real cool
zberg02: real well
zberg02: not real cool
ThinkComp: definitely
zberg02: anyhow, someone from uc emailed me to tell me they were probably going to put a link for housesystem up
zberg02: they thought i'd be upset
zberg02: i was like "dude, do it"
ThinkComp: they're idiots.
zberg02: haha
ThinkComp: they paid us to license housesystem
ThinkComp: then they took down the link
ThinkComp: i don't care
zberg02: haha are you kidding
zberg02: that's awesome
ThinkComp: no
ThinkComp: it sucks for the students though
ThinkComp: so i guess it would be nice if they put it back up
ThinkComp: they didn't even invite me to the meeting they had on saturday about that.
zberg02: what do they get by licensing it?
ThinkComp: the customized UC version of student exchange
zberg02: oh cool
zberg02: you should release housesystem for other schools
ThinkComp: i don't want to release it though
zberg02: i bet you could sell it to the student governments
ThinkComp: i want them to buy it.
ThinkComp: student governments don't have enough money
zberg02: yea well that's what i mean
zberg02: yea true
ThinkComp: i want the schools to buy it
ThinkComp: don't worry, working on that :-)
zberg02: is that what your business slaves are doing?
ThinkComp: i have no business slaves hehe
zberg02: haha right
ThinkComp: i am the slave
zberg02: one man army
zberg02: only way to make sure it gets done
ThinkComp: true enough
zberg02: so when you graduate, do you still own the rights to housesystem?
ThinkComp: yeah, think computer corporation owns the copyright.
ThinkComp: it's licensed to the SEC.
zberg02: nice
zberg02: way to be
ThinkComp: with a provision that it cannot be transferred to anyone else, including any parent organization of the licensee
zberg02: haha
zberg02: so is this a part of the gameplan for next year?
zberg02: sell housesystem to colleges?
ThinkComp: maybe. not really sure.
ThinkComp: it would be nice, but i'm not counting on it.
ThinkComp: it's a tough sell.
zberg02: these guys have been in contact with me aboutt hefacebook -- they really want to invest in it or something
zberg02: but they want to turn it into a portal
zberg02: i bet you could just like sell housesystem to them
ThinkComp: heh
ThinkComp: are these people serious or just looking for money
zberg02: they're like greenwich types
zberg02: you're not from greenwich, right? haha
ThinkComp: nope
ThinkComp: i don't even know what one is
zberg02: haha just making sure
ThinkComp: i mean, i know where greenwich, CT is
ThinkComp: just not what a "type" is
zberg02: yea there's just like a lot of bankers there and stuff
zberg02: and people who invest in little companies
zberg02: like small scale vc type of stuff
ThinkComp: i see
ThinkComp: they're probably evil then
zberg02: yea of course
zberg02: i always figured that if someone wanted to buy a part of what you have, that probably means it's worth holding on to
zberg02: because business people are the hardest to convince that a product's worth something
zberg02: if they're at all smart
zberg02: okay i need to go grab some food
ThinkComp: ok, ttyl
zberg02: just finished operating systems and realized i haven't eaten in like 24 hours
ThinkComp: see you tomorrow
ThinkComp: go eat :-)
zberg02: bye bye